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Interviews, market research, focus groups, conferences, conference calls, business meetings, keynote address, insurance, video conference, etc.

Court sessions, depositions, arbitration hearings, public hearings, disciplinary hearings, investigations, interrogations, memorandums, wiretaps, telephone hearings, etc.

Research, thesis notes, lectures, Seminars, Oral history, presentations, online courses, dissertation, etc.

Sermons, NGO research and focus groups, presentations, counseling and coaching sessions, etc.

YouTube, podcasts, webinars, journalistic interviews, news, etc.

A minute taker attends your meetings, hearings, events, discussions, etc. and takes accurate minutes or notes with professionalism and confidentiality.

We translate documents and audios from Ugandan local languages (Luganda and Runyakitara) into English and vice versa.

Luganda transcription, Runyakitara transcription (Runyankore transcription, Runyoro transcription, Rutoro transcription, Rukiga transcription), and Kiswahili transcription.

We will type out your scanned or handwritten letters, receipts, and other important papers into a text format of your choice (MS Word, PDF, both, Excel, etc.)

Uganda local language subtitling to English including Luganda to English video subtitling, Runyakitara to English video subtitling

We add captions to English, Luganda, Runyakitara videos

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