Where to Find the Best Transcribers in Uganda

transcribers in Uganda

Finding transcribers is easy, but when it comes to finding a good, professional one when you have a project involving people with Ugandan accents, local languages, and colloquialisms, then you might have to look for good transcribers in Uganda—and that is not easy. The transcription industry in Uganda is relatively new, and so there are not many transcribers out there, let alone good ones. Well, we’re here to do the dirty research work for you. Below are places to find the best professional transcribers in Uganda.

ABC Transcription

ABC Transcription is a tested and proven transcription company in Uganda. ABC Transcription has trained, professional transcribers from Uganda and other English-speaking countries. ABC Transcription guarantees 98 percent accuracy, prompt turnaround time, and security of client information. When you work with ABC Transcription, you will be working directly with a dedicated project lead/transcriber, so you’ll get personalized attention while your project is in the works.

Local directories

Local online directories are a great free resource. The best ones in Uganda are www.yellow.ug and www.eastafricatenders.com. Here, you simply type “transcriber” or “transcription” in the search box and the best transcription companies in Uganda will be populated.


Upwork is an American freelancing platform. You’ll have to perform a filter for Ugandan transcribers. We bring this last for a reason. There’s only a few Ugandan transcribers from a multitude that will give you a quality end product, and not all of them are familiar with a variety of Ugandan languages. To identify the best transcribers from this platform, you need to filter for transcribers in Uganda, look at their profiles for work done, their rates and earnings, job satisfaction score, client feedback, etc.

We hope this makes it easier for you to find your desired transcriber or transcription company in Uganda.

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