The Value in Transcribing Your Sermons

Transcription services are undoubtedly useful to religious institutions, whether it be Christian or Muslim, aiming to spread their message fast and easy. It is great to attend a religious sermon live and get a dose of spiritual medicine and motivation. However, with transcription that dose can last longer and be spread out to a much larger audience worldwide. Here are a list of benefits for transcription to religious institutions.

          1. Sermon transcription creates readable material which is faster for most to read and understand.

It’s always refreshing to attend an inspiring sermon and use it to jump-start our day, week, or even year. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have those inspiring words saved to your phone or desktop? Transcription services allow for just that. Now when you’re in need of a beneficial reminder to keep pushing forward, utilize your transcribed version of the sermon that inspired you once before.

          2. A transcribed sermon consumes less storage than a video or audio.

Fortunately, you can save your transcribed sermon with very minimal space on your device. This makes it ideal to save multiple transcriptions and build a database of sermons that you can easily access. Saved audio and especially video can quickly eat into your memory storage and cause certain devices to perform slowly.

          3. Helps to create content for church/religious newsletters, blogs, and social media.

It is unbelievably easy how the words of the speaker during a sermon can quickly be transcribed and used for other means. Not only can you have a personal transcription of a religious sermon but it can be used to benefit a whole community. Excerpts from a sermon can be placed into newsletters or blogs which will be a great way to get the word out to a broader audience. Additionally, with the high usage of social media users, transcribed cliff notes can be placed there and shared globally in a matter of moments.

          4. Helps in SEO.

If you have a website or a message you want to get out, SEO (search engine optimization) is needed to get the best results. With a transcribed religious sermon, popular keywords throughout the speech can be used to help others find your website or blog.

          5. Helps to create subtitles for videos.

If there happens to be a video of a sermon, then a transcript will make it simple to add subtitles to it. The feature will add a great deal of value as others will be able to have a visual that goes along with the transcribed text.

          6. Eases the process of creating a book.

Transcribing is now one of the easiest ways to convert sermon themes into a book. Who needs a pen and pad when your book can be written directly from your thoughts to text? The same will apply to religious sermons. Once the speech is converted to text and edited, creating an book and having it published are other easy steps to complete this task.


The many benefits of sermon transcription services are invaluable. Religious sermons can now be documented and shared with the world in a matter of moments. Whether you need a sermon transcribed for your own personal usage or to share on social media, at this current moment it has never been simpler of a job to do. ABC transcription is a transcription company in Uganda that offers the best sermon transcription services in Uganda and East Africa. Utilize our quality and affordable sermon transcription services to get the most out of any religious address. ABC Transcription’s high accuracy, timeless, affordability, and dependability makes it the best of transcription companies in Uganda.


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