The Most Suitable Transcription Company for your East African Projects

Best Transcription companies in Uganda
Best Transcription companies in Uganda

Uganda is a multi-lingual country with approximately 40 different languages spoken. Despite being the best English-speaking country in Africa (according to World Linguistic Society), spoken English in Uganda is in most times a fusion of the local languages and English. This may make it difficult to understand for a non-native. The transcription industry in East Africa is still very small. Transcription companies that would guarantee top quality work for your research conducted in East Africa are thin on the ground. ABC Transcription is a dependable transcription company based in Uganda that will serve you suitably if you’re an NGO, academic, or market researcher carrying out your research in East Africa. The reasons why you should choose us are explained in detail below.

          1. Best Quality 

ABC Transcription is no doubt the best transcription company in Uganda quality-wise. We have an average accuracy rate of 99% on transcripts. We guarantee 98% accuracy of transcripts and free revision if not met. As of now, ABC Transcription maintains less than 7 highly-educated, skilled, and experienced transcribers. We focus on quality, not quantity, and that explains our small staff numbers.

          2. Mastery of English and local languages

We have mastered the rules of written English, Swahili, all Ugandan local languages, and everything in between. Most of our transcribers are born and bred in East Africa, and therefore, they easily understand East African regional dialects and colloquialism with so much ease. Also, if your audio consists of entirely a local language, we’re up for the task.

          3. Best prices

For the quality of the service you get, ABC Transcription offers the best prices compared to other transcription companies in East Africa. ABC Transcription has a very simple pricing model where prices are only determined by audio length and desired turnaround time. The is price no different if you want your transcript with time codes, parts of speech typed in original language, parts of speech translated, verbatim style, et cetera, which makes us one of the most affordable transcription companies in East Africa. Our rates are also published on our website so you can know the cost of your project before ordering.

           4. Your information is secure.

ABC Transcription is bound by company-client non-disclosure agreements. This contract ensures that your files will be accessed by only the company, and they are permanently deleted a month after the project is completed.

          5. Timeliness

We are dependable when it comes to meeting deadlines. You will always receive a quality transcript for your audio or video file before the deadline.

          6. Ability to order and pay online

You do not have to meet us in person to be served. Everything from ordering to payment can be done online. We keep our communication lines open so that you’re always in the loop with the progress of your project. We also have many payment options including PayPal, credit/debit card, check, mobile money, and cash.


I hope this article has made the process of finding a quality and affordable transcription company in East Africa easier for you. You will always get value for your money at ABC Transcription when it comes to English, Swahili, Uganda local languages transcription, and transcription of East African dialects. If you have any questions about us, you can give us a call at +256789467792 or email any questions you may have to [email protected].

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