Four Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription

Outsource Transcription

Converting speech to a written document in this day and age is invaluable to businesses conducting market research, the legal profession, film production, financial institutions, not-for-profit and religious organizations, et cetera. To outsource transcription to expert transcriptionists or companies is better than doing it in-house or by yourself for the reasons outlined below:

1. It is cheaper.
With outsourcing, you pay for the amount of work done rather than a high fixed salary for in-house transcriptionists, who get paid even when there is no work. The salary of an in-house transcriptionist is astonishingly high compared to what is paid to out-of-house transcriptionists for the same work done. When you outsource transcription, you save money spent on other expenses like furniture, office space, computers, electricity, training, health, food, and the like.

2. It has a fast turnaround.  Companies specializing in transcription services tend to have many experienced and skilled transcriptionists who can transcribe large volumes of work in a short time span that most in-house transcriptionists will not be able to accomplish in the same period. 

 3. It helps companies focus on the core business. Transcription is a process that can require a lot of dedicated time and concentration, which could potentially be distracting. Outsourcing transcription frees up a company to do what it set out to do.

4. It reduces the HR load.  When you outsource transcription, you save the HR department time and resources in hiring, training, and supervising employees. The risk of having to hire staff when transcriptionists leave will be eliminated.

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